Monday, 28 May 2012



Hello All

Thought this might bring a little cheer to your day!

Saturday May 26th 2012 - To celebrate Queen Elizabeth the 2nd’s diamond jubilee, our church is having a garden party on Saturday, June 2nd. There will be a BBQ, & various stalls, games & a raffle. I have bought a gorgeous, big teddy & I am going to dress him appropriately & then give him a name. I intend to attach a large sheet of paper to a board, section it into approx. 50 squares, each one bearing a possible name for the bear. The children (or adults!!!) will choose a name or names from off the paper & put their name & contact details onto the board underneath their chosen name/names & whoever names him correctly, will win him! :o) Should be fun - can’t wait to get started on his waistcoat! :o) :o) Gotta start thinking of possible names now.............. ANY SUGGESTIONS?!!!!!!!

Monday May 28th 2012 Finished! I am delighted with it! It is Kelly Kearney’s pattern again (without the arms) - and modified a little to fit teddy! Her patterns are GREAT! The photo of teddy doesn’t show the brightness of the waistcoat, but it can be seen on the others & it fits him perfectly. He is a very dapper & proud little bear! I even gave him a pocket with his own little handkerchief in it! Check back here next week to find out what Teddy’s name turned out to be & how the Jubilee Celebrations went :O)
Monday June 4th 2012 - What a fabulous Jubilee Weekend we have all had! Our Queen! 60 years on the throne! The garden party was a great success! The weather was glorious!!! :o) & Teddy’s name turned out to be ------- are you ready for this?----- ELVIS! LOL! Drawn out of a hat by a little boy! I was sad to see him go, but he has gone to a good home ---- but I will miss him so! :o(

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