Saturday, 25 August 2012


Hello again,
Another pattern for you to try & sooo easy. The pattern is suitable to follow for any size head too!
I designed this for my lovely Granddaughter's Christening to match the shawl I made for her.
Fairy Blossoms Headband 

Terminology: American        Hook Size: 3.25mm (D)       Yarn: Double Knitting (8ply) 

 Ability Level: EASY


Before you begin! : Measure the circumference of the recipients head!

Please Note: This pattern is for a baby with head circumference of 41cms BUT ANY SIZE CAN BE MADE & THE INSTRUCTIONS (APART FROM THE NUMBER OF CHAINS) CAN BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY!


Round 1:  SS into 5th CH from the hook. This forms the inner circle for the blossom!  CH2. SC into this circle 9 times (being careful not to incorporate the long length of foundation CH). SS into the first ST that you worked (i.e. the CH2 you began the circle with).  CH1 & DC into this same ST (1st petal made). SS to next ST. * SC into the next  ST & DC into the same ST (2nd petal made) SS to next ST. *

 RPT from * to * making your last SS into the first ST you began this round with, making a total of 5 petals. Fasten off. **

You will now make another two of these CHS/Flower bands  in exactly the same way following the instructions  from ** to **

You will now have 3 CHS/BANDS with blossoms attached!

Putting it all together! :o)

Take your first two bands. Place them side by side with both foundation CHS facing the same way. Now offset the blossoms so that one is slightly below the other one & the bottom of one petal from the first higher CH is just touching the top petal from the lower blossom (See PHOTO below) These petals must not be the ones where the foundation CH starts or the blossoms will not sit right.

Do exactly the same with the remaining CH, again slightly offsetting the blossom below the blossom on the second CH.

Now, line up the CHS so that they all run in a parallel fashion & attach the loose end of each CH behind each corresponding blossom making sure that it is running in line with the CH already attached to each blossom so the CHS are all equal in appearance with approx. 2.5cms (1inch), in between each CH as in the above PHOTO.

TO FINISH : Sew in loose ends & attach a pearl, bead or sequin into the centre of each blossom.

The headband is now ready to wear! :o)

All contents enclosed in this document are the sole property & copyright of Ann Holden. 

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Car Boot Sale!!!! 12.08.2012 :o)

Today, my youngest daughter, my Granddaughter & myself went to the local Sunday car boot sale. We came home with soooo many bargains! One stall had balls of wool for just 20p a ball! I came away with 900gms for the grand total of £2.20!
Also bought lots of hardly worn baby clothes - some had never been worn! A pair of metallic pink baby girls shoes from NEXT in LEATHER for £1!!! :o) ----- Should have taken a trailer along really! Ha Ha!

Enjoyed a wonderful evening last night - a BBQ in the sun with the family! It is so lovely to have - AT LAST - a bit of proper summer weather! It has been a long time coming! You just have to make the most of it while it's here!


Hi All,
I thought I would share this with you.
I have crocheted this 'Butterflies Shawl' for my lovely Granddaughter's Christening. I found this beautiful FREE pattern on Ravelry by Cheri McEwen. She has designed many lovely things - many are available for free.