Monday, 6 October 2014


Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven't been on here for a while - I have not been idle though.
I have recently completed my eldest nephew's wedding cake for his wedding which is this Thursday Oct. 9th 2014! I have also been crocheting for our impending 3rd grandchild who is due on Oct. 17th 2014 :o)

Chester, our little dachsie, has turned into the most adorable pet! He is such a character - he does not surface from his bed on a morning until around 10.30am - sometimes later!!! He buries himself completely under his duvet, so much so, that you cannot tell he is even there!
He is gentle & playful & can sit up & beg for Britain! I find it hard to resist him - he also likes to shimmy up behind my neck when I am on the laptop or crocheting. He curls himself around the back of my neck with his head on my shoulder like a mink stole ha ha ha!

Some photos for your perusal ------