Saturday, 9 June 2012


Hi All,

Decided that I wanted to design a special headband for my special little granddaughter, Molly & here it is:


This pattern features a SPECIAL STITCH :
This is a stitch which I have named the PETAL STITCH

HOOK SIZE :  E (3.5mm)
SIZE MADE : 3 MONTHS (see below on how to change size made)
ABBREVIATIONS :  ch : chain  chs : chains  dc : double crochet  ss : slip stitch  sc : single crochet  st : stitch  rpt : repeat  yo : yarn over

Before commencing, measure the babies head at its largest point & make a foundation chain to that length. N.B. If the yarn you use stretches a little when tugged, then the chain can be made a little shorter but MUST stretch to fit the largest part of the babies head comfortably!
For this pattern the chain must be an even number plus 3 extra chains.
E.G: Let’s say your babies head measures 15” (37.5cms) as in this patterns instructions, you will ch 74 (which will make up the circumference of the aforementioned babies head) & then you will do an extra 3 chs, making 77 chs in total.

TO START : ch 74 plus an extra 3 chs for foundation chain. (77 in total)
ROW 1 : 1 dc in 5th ch from the hook. * ch 1, skip 1 ch, 1 dc in next ch.  rpt from * to end, turn.
ROW 2 :  ch 4, skip first dc, * 1 dc in next ch space, ch 1, skip 1 dc, rpt from * ending with a ss in the top of the last dc on the row below. Leave a long enough tail to stitch the ends of the headband neatly together before you snip the yarn off. Sew in loose ends.

5 PETALLED FLOWER : ch 10, join with a ss to first st to form a ring. ch 1.  sc into the circle 9 times, join with a ss to first sc.

PETAL STITCH : *ch 4  yo insert hook into first sc & pull yarn through (you will have 3 loops on the hook) yo & Draw the hook through first 2 loops. yo, insert hook into the same sc & pull through. You will now have 4 loops on the hook. yo & Draw the hook through the first 2 loops (now there are 3 loops on the hook). Finally, yo & draw the yarn through the last 3 loops.
ch 4 sc into next sc *
rpt from * to * until your very last st is into the st next to the first petal formed. Fasten off.

4 PETALLED FLOWER : ch 6. Join with a ss into the first ch to form a ring. ch 1. sc into the ring 5 times. Join with a ss to first sc.

PETAL STITCH : follow instructions as for the large flower from * to *, but making only four petals. Fasten off.

Sew in all loose ends & attach the small flower to the large flower (small on top). Sew the flowers onto the headband where the join is so it will be hidden. Now attach a pretty button into the centre of the flowers.

Text and images by A Holden. This pattern cannot be reproduced or distributed -mechanically, electronically, or by any other means, including photocopying, without written permission. Finished products created with this pattern may be used for commercial sale.

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