Saturday, 3 March 2012


Hello All,
Hope all's well with you. Just thought that I'd share another of my passions with you apart from crochet!
I went on several one day courses with my friend a few years ago, to learn the art of sugarcraft. Finding that I had a flair for it, I made both my daughters wedding cakes & my nephews! Also, several other celebration cakes. I love making the flowers - they end up looking so real & it is a challenge to get them looking like the brides bouquet flowers! Here are some of the cakes which I have made -----


  1. Hi Dear Ann,
    Visiting with you on Ravelry I completely forgot to visit your web page.
    Wow, what beautiful cakes. I knew you were sweet and talented but you never told me about these. They are all wonderful but the flower ones! Good on you and I'll bet your family loves every one. What a gift!
    Take care my dear and I'll see you back on Ravelry :o)

    1. Well hello Aimee!
      thank you for your kind comments! I really do love the challenge that comes with this craft! It is soooo satisfying to see the fruits of my labour turn into a cake which gives so much pleasure to the person/people I made it for! I never dreamed that I would be the maker of my daughters wedding cakes, but I feel so pleased, proud & privileged that I was! Speak at length soon my friend ----- a playing card cake to make!!!!!! :o)

  2. Yeah! Have a wonderful party!!!!!!